Film from Pakistan:

A WALNUT TREE | Ammar Aziz | 92 mins | 2015

An old man reminisces about a distant homeland. He wants to return. The son and daughter in law argue with him. The grand children watch the tension rise. Internally displaced and forced to live in a camp, the family is caught between memories of what life was, insecurity of the present and the bleakness of future. The sadness and tension is unbearable, something is about to happen.


Ammar Aziz is an independent documentary filmmaker and left-wing activist, based in Lahore, Pakistan. Featured in the Christian Science Monitor’s ’30 under 30′ people from all over the world for his art and activism, he was the only Pakistani filmmaker to be selected for the Talent Campus of the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012. He has worked widely on labour-issues and his films have been shown at various international film and human-rights events including the Solidar Silver Rose Award in Brussels and ABF’s 100 years Jubilee in Stockholm along with several labour conferences in Europe and Asia. In 2012, he represented Pakistan in a series of film-related events in various American states for his documentary ‘Daughters of a Lesser God’, about the women who make bangles in Hyderabad. Ammar is the founding director of SAMAAJ [Social Awareness Media and Art Junction], a recently formed, non-government, non-profit, organization committed to using media for creating rights awareness among the marginalized communities of the conflict-ridden areas in Pakistan.

Download hi-resolution stills and poster:

Press Coverage:

The Indian Express on ‘A Walnut Tree’ interview with Ammar Aziz

A Walnut Tree wins best film at Film South Asia festival interviews Ammar Aziz

DNA on A Walnut Tree


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