Film from Nepal:

CASTAWAY MAN | Kesang Tseten | 82 mins | 2015

Dor Bahadur Bista, Nepal’s most controversial intellectual in modern times, disappeared without trace in 1996. He became an anthropologist by assisting well-known anthropologist Fuerer Haimendorf, but was largely self-trained. Fatalism and Development controversially argued that Nepal didn’t develop because of Brahminism, values of fatalism and hierarchy of the caste system. Stirring acrimony, he moved to remote Jumla to put into practice his ideas.Speculation over his disappearance include his high-caste enemies; his alleged affair with a young woman under his mentorship; and his becoming a renunciate on the banks of the Ganges in North India.
Kesang Tseten is a Nepali of Tibetan origin, writer-turned filmmaker, is passionate about narrative art, slowly finding his voice with intelligent and culturally sensitive films from the margins. His films have been nominated and won awards at the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival and FSA. WE CORNER PEOPLE won the Slovenia TV Award and the Special Jury Award at the ’07 Slovenia International Mountain Film Festival and was selected for the New Asian Currents of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival ’07. On the Road with the Red God: MACHHENDRANATH won the Grand Prize at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival (’06), Mention at the Bilan du Ethnographique, and was voted Best Documentary of the Decade by Nepal Motion Pictures Association (’05). WE HOMES CHAPS featured at Film South Asia and the Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival and is used in classrooms and workshops in India and the US.

Of Tseten’s trilogy on Nepali migrant workers in the Gulf, IN SEARCH OF THE RIYAL, was recipient of the Asian Cinema Fund and screened at Pusan International Film Festival and at the Leipzig Documentary and Animation Film Festival, THE DESERT EATS US premiered at the Leipzig Documentary Film Festival, and SAVING DOLMA, a Jan Vrijman Fund recipient, premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA).

WHO WILL BE A GURKHA premiered at the International Documentar Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA) as a selection in the feature length documentary competition and screened at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival. The film won the top award at the International category of Kimff 2012 as well as the Audience Award, and had a theater run in several towns in Nepalk. MEN AT WORK, a South Asian Masculities Film Project, will be launched in September 2013.

Tseten wrote and co-directed Listen to the Wind, a fictional short for teenagers; his original screenplay Mukundo (Mask of Desire), co-produced by NHK/Japan and Nepal’s selection to the Academy Award (2001), was given the Best Script Award by the Nepal Motion Picture Association. He wrote the original screenplay KARMA in 2004.

He is a graduate of Dr Graham’s School in India, Amherst College and Columbia University in the US.

Official website

Download hi-resolution stills and poster:

Press Coverage:

ANI’s article on Kesang Tseten’s film ‘Castaway Man’

Business Standard on Kesang Tseten’s film ‘Castaway Man’


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