Film from Bangladesh:

FOLLOWING THE FOOTPRINTS OF JAHANARA IMAM | 70 mins | Manzare Hassin Murad | 2015

The film follows a group of young men and women in the famous Shahbag protests that demanded war crimes trials for the atrocities committed during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, forty-two years after the war ended. The passionate involvement of thousands of young people throughout the country has brought the issue to the forefront of national discourse and ultimately led to the fusion of young activists with a justice movement begun by one courageous woman almost two decades ago. The film traces the history of the demands for justice for war crimes through the stories of a group of young activists who emerge as the voice of these protests. The danger to their lives and confrontation they find themselves caught within becomes a powerful story of the rough ride to justice.


Manzare Hassin Murad graduated in 1988 from the internationally renowned film school FAMU in Prague. He has since been an independent documentary filmmaker based out of Dhaka. Murad is the President of the Federation of Film Societies of Bangladesh and an advisor to the Bangladesh Documentary Council. He has been active in promoting the independent documentary film movement in Bangladesh. He is currently the audio visual consultant to Steps for Development a prominent NGO of Bangladesh and also teaches film making in a private university in Dhaka.

He made his first film, One Day in Krishonagar, in 1993 and has since made several documentaries that have been widely screened in Bangladesh and internationally. Gender has been an important element of many of his films that include Our Boys and Rokeyya.

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